Fisher-Price My Little Snugakitty Cradle N Swing

Looking for a sweet, simple but effective cradle and swing? Then you can choose the Fisher-Price my little snugakitty cradle n swing for your precious one. It’s smart, elegant and beautiful and works really great. It has some different types of natural soothing sounds, fun toys hanging from the mirror globe and various speed options for a swing.Fisher-Price My Little Snugakitty Cradle N Swing

Important Features of the Fisher-Price My little snugakitty cradle n swing

Six different speeds for swing

The Fisher-Price my little snugakitty cradle n swing has the options of low to high speed for the swing. You can set the speed with 6 different settings as you prefer. Also, it has the sense of baby weight. So with the baby grows the speed will never slow.

Play soothing and natural music

This cradle can play various types of soft natural songs. The music will help your baby to soothe and calm. You have 16 different options to play different kind soundtracks.

Easy to assemble

It’s an easy assemble and low maintenance swing and cradle. It has all the instruction to put together. So a single ordinary person can assemble it easily just follow the instruction manual.

Two different option for swing

It has 2 different options for power. One is Ac adaptor for direct plug and play. Other is 4D batteries. You can use rechargeable batteries to run your Fisher-Price my little snugakitty cradle n swing. It will be money saving too.

Mirror Glob

It has big mirror globe just over the middle of the swing. When it swings your baby sees the appearance of her face. It will increase her self-consciousness by improving its sight.

Adjustable seat positions

You can adjust the seat position as your way. Position it right, left or center facing how you prefer.

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  • Nice and cute pink colored swing with kitty shaped seat pad.Fisher Price My Little Snugakitty Cradle N Swing
  • Easily foldable to the room to room portability and storage.
  • 3 dedicated butterfly and 3 flowers toys hanging from the mirror globe.
  • 6 different swing speeds.
  • 16 different natural soothing songs.
  • 3 adjustable seat positions with 2 position recline- right, center and left facing.
  • 2 power option to run the swing. 120 volt AC adaptor and 4D batteries.


The Fisher-Price my little snugakitty cradle n swing is bit noisy. Like when it’s cradling or when it’s turning off its make click sound. Sometimes that wakes the baby.

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  1. Question: What is the weight limit of the swing?

Answer: 25 lbs.

  1. Question: Is this swing only for baby girls?

Answer: this pinkish light and cute is go with the baby girls, but if you wish you can go for an exception.

  1. Question: How long is the seat?

Answer: Width 20 inches and length 24 inches.

  1. Question: Does it come with any adult version?

Answer: No.

Customer Reviews

After using the Fisher-Price my little snugakitty cradle n swing many customers share their opinion on the Amazon customer page. From there, we have selected some positive and negative reviews which are given below.

 Linda key said, “This swing makes it impossible for my daughter to stay focused on anything. So she falls in sleep after some while and stays asleep for a long time. I am so happy with all of its performances.”

Mrs. Bubbles said, “I think it’s a comfortable and best-suited swing. Also, the customer service of Fisher Price is great.”

 Nite Owl said, “The swing is pretty decent but I have some complaint abut it. Like its little first only has a waist resistant and the head rest is thick for a littlie baby.”

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This quite little kitty padded swing is definitely worth for money. It is very light weight, cheap price and most importantly easy to use. It requires low space to place and store and can run for a long time without giving trouble. Overall it’s a good product to use. So if you want to have a simple but elegant swing for your baby, you can choose the Fisher-Price my little snugakitty cradle n swing.

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