Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Butterfly Garden

The fisher price papasan cradle swing can give your baby a safe, comfortable, and soothing experience. It includes a cozy and comfortable seat with baby two stands and a net curtain to feel you baby a compact feel. It has many options make your baby happy like cradling, play lullaby, and light effects. The cradle seat is just not comfortable but removable and machine washable too. Also, it has two power options to run the cradle.Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Butterfly Garden

Important Features of the Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing

Play Lullabies to Calm You Baby

The fisher price papasan cradle swing has a special option to sooth your baby. It has 8 different options to play nighttime soothing songs. Also, it can play long length sounds anytime when the cradle is moving. This will be a great combination keep calm and make him sleep. Even a stubborn crybaby likes to enjoy swing, see the dancing butterflies and listening lullaby.

Floating and Spinning Butterflies

The cradle has some special lighting effects which will definitely make them happy. When the lights turn on, some butterfly will dance and float continuously down and rotates. Babies are fond of this type of light effects so it will make the happy.

Two Power Options

This fisher price papasan cradle swing has two power options to run. It includes a quick release power cord to save your money for batteries. But also it kept an opting open. So if you need, you can use 4D batteries for additional power. Batteries can use when the power is not available or you are out of the home.

Quick Assembling

The cradle needs to be assembling before use. Just follow the instruction and arrange it part by part. Your swing cradle will be ready within 20 min. that’s it, no hazard or no labor requires.

Easy To Move

This cradle is just 22 pound so it not heavy to move. Also, the cradle legs can be folded, so when you need to move them just folds to legs and move then into one piece

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  • Made with soft fabric.Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing
  • Soft pink cradle swings with butterfly garden theme and charming light show.
  • Two kind of swing options- side to side, back to front.
  • From low to high it has 6 swings speed.
  • 8 type of lullaby to calm the baby and prepare him to sleep.
  • The cradle can be plagued into any standard wall outlet with its AC adaptor.
  • Can be easily folded up for storage.


  • The child try is little bulky but you can avoid this and simply use the cradle.

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  1. Question: Does the swing have a different position for the seat?

Answer: Yes. 

  1. Question: What is the song list of the cradle?

Answer: Daisy daisy, walking thru the park one day, if all the raindrops were gumdrops and many more. 

  1. Question: Is this swing battery operated too?

Answer: Yes, both options are available. 

  1. Question: Is there any way to replace the motor or AC adaptor?

Answer: Yes, you can order them to from Fisher Price.

Customer Reviews

The Fisher Price Papasan cradle swing got many good reviews from its users. Let’s what they say,

 Book Lover said, “This swing help me to make my baby sleep quickly and much longer. It’s easy to assemble and provide good service as it promised.”

 The Sweet Life said, “We loved it most for its neat features and our baby likes it because of its shiny lights. This is really a great quality product to use.”

Also, meggieschill said about the cradle, “I like the swing except its sound. First time I turn on the sound it was pretty loud.”

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