Fisher-Price Cradle & Swing with AC Adapter

The Fisher-Price cradle & swing with AC adapter comes for making your precious one smooth, happy and calm. It assures the safety of your baby just like when you are around with him.Fisher-Price Cradle n Swing with AC Adapter

Features of the Fisher-Price Cradle & Swing with AC Adapter

Keep Baby Happy

The cradle has some unique features to entertain and keep calm you baby. It can cradle side to side and back to front. They enjoy this type of movement special with a sweet lullaby.

Softness and Comfort

The Fisher-Price cradle & swing with AC adapter has cotton soft seat and seat cover which is specially made for you baby’s delicate skin. All they are very comfortable, relaxing and never causes any problem while they are lying for a long time.  The toys hanging over the canopy also made of soft foam and fabric. So you can be assured all of their quality.

Strong and Secure Frame

The frame body of the swing and cradle made of steel. That is very strong and sturdy, helps to bear up to 25 lbs of baby. The frame is foldable so when you need for storage you can fold the swing and let it stay one corner of your room.

Make Happy Your Baby Always

The swing includes many fun features like different sweet songs, natural sounds, and a mirror. You can play the music while they are carving on the swing. It will make them calm and happy. Also, the mirror is another fun stuff to make the curious. All these will improve their sight and listen to sense.

Easy To Assemble, Easy To Power

Yes, this swing and cradle are very easy to arrange ad bring together. Just follow the instruction and it’s ready to use! Moreover, it has two power options to run. An AC adaptor is included with the product for direct power or you can use 4D batteries or optional.

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  • 2 swing motions- side to side and head to toe.FisherPrice Cradle n Swing with AC Adapter
  • 2 positions recline.
  • 3 adjustable seat position- left facing, right facing and center facing.
  • 6 swing speed from high to low.
  • Included 16 different soothing songs and natural sounds.
  • Just pressing the button you can convert any position, change songs or control speed.
  • Soft and comfortable seat and machine washable seat cover.
  • Playful soft toys and mirrored globe.
  • Bead birds are removable for playing.
  • Easy to store and place.
  • Comes with an AC adaptor for battery-free operation.
  • Strong, secure and cozy.


The motion of the swing is little fast. If it bothers then go to the settings and set low or just put a blanket or heavy cloth on it.

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  1. Question: What is the battery life of the cradle?

Answer: 75 hrs.

  1. Question: What is the weight of the swing?

Answer: 21.6 pounds.

  1. Question: What type of battery need for this product?

Answer: 4D batteries.

  1. Question: What is the dimension of the swing?

Answer: 25.5 x 13 x 15.

Customer Reviews

The Fisher-Price cradle & swing with AC adapter got many reviews which are given below.

Dani Meazaki said, “Great swing to keep calm your baby. For that now I get some Me time! ”

 LYNZ said, “My little girls loves attention constantly and never like to stay anywhere without me. And now she really likes to rock on the swing. This swing and cradle save me from getting some hrs from her.”

 Bigslacker said, “This is a pretty decent product but also with downside like the motor is pretty loud to wake my baby. So before buying this consider this option.”

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